Thursday, March 24, 2011


Please join us for the culmination event of our ART MEETS FASHION team N-GOM exhibition and premiere of the fashion film, N-GOM IS THE FUTURE, shot by the MEDIA ARTS CENTER San Diego's TEEN PRODUCERS. This exhibition will double as a benefit for the Teen Producers Project developed by the non-profit organization, MEDIA ARTS CENTER San Diego, and will include live fashion show, art installation, and film screening.

N-GOM is the future.

It is the battered future through the inescapable dystopic lens. Revealed is the degradation, overpopulation, and destruction. The setting for our story is in the afterward. It is in the confusion and the inevitable but fragmentary reconstruction. Our inspiration is nestled between the septic desert earth that refuses to bear crops and the polluted streams that refuse to hold fish but instead carry discarded plastic debris.

In the future, a new generation is born. They are scavengers, they are hunters, and they are alone. They fill-in the blanks with whatever is available. They invent histories and mythologies with broken, second-hand stories. In a time where salvaging and recycling are inherent, they re-build their lives with what is available. A new visual language arises to deal with the new visual landscape. The aesthetics of necessity begin to form providing a strange, horrible, and beautiful emergence of a new kind of culture, art, and fashion. New Ground Old Materials (N-GOM).

Art Meets Fashion:
SDVAN and FOCUS have embarked on a project to enliven the SD art scene by cross pollinating the fashion and art worlds. By putting together teams consisting of an artist, a fashion designer, a teacher and a documenter, we hope to encourage products with immense creative energy. -

About The Teen Producers Project:
Since 2001, the MEDIA ARTS CENTER San Diego's Teen Producers Project has helped convert scores of at-risk youth into motivated young film producers. The program has helped them to create more than 500 short films that document their lives and their communities. These young filmmakers also learn the practical skills associated with multimedia production and build self-esteem while experiencing the thrill of creating something tangible.

Teen Producers who participated in the creation of this video: Dulce Martinez, Paloma Arias, and Trevor Seines -- Teen Producers Instructor: Jodi Cilley

About the Art Meets Fashion Team:
N-GOM collaborative involves the work of artist Guy Lombardo, designer Anjela Piccard, and filmmaker Katherine Sweetman as part of ART MEETS FASHION a San Diego Visual Arts Network (SDVAN) and Fashion Opportunities Connect US (FOCUS) collaborative project.

Guy Lombardo’s background is in painting, printmaking, 3-dimensional design, photography, experimental video and film. After completing his dual-undergraduate studies at Southwestern College and SDSU; Counseling and Clinical Psychology and Applied Arts, he continued research into the Psychology of Color and Space in reference to; Micro motives /Macro behavior, the affect of primitive/ contemporary archetypes on social well being, Green Lighting and Design, Feng Shui, natural plants remedies and more. Guy describes himself as a “de-constructivist” undoing the “Prescribed” notion of art and the creative process in an attempt to discover and create in a new and exciting, innovative direction.

Anjela Piccard is an avant-garde jewelry designer, stylist, gallerist and partner of Planet Rooth Studios Gallery, the founder of ETT productions, an original visionary of "The new Factory movement", a social activist and speaker on behalf of Outsider Art. Her work as a curator and events planner ranges from International Fine Art Exhibitions to High Fashion Runway shows. As a fine artist and jewelry designer her work has been shown locally as well as internationally. Piccard continues to create innovative works in High Fashion through various mediums, bravely pushing the boundaries of ART & CULTURE to the brink of raw curiosity.

Katherine Sweetman is a filmmaker, writer, and nationally and internationally exhibited artist in the fields of new media art and documentary video. She has an MFA in visual arts from the University of California, San Diego, a BA in Arts and Technology from California State University, San Marcos, and a certificate from the New School University, New York. She has taught visual media courses at UCSD, SDSU, California State, San Marcos, and Southwestern College. She is the former director of Lui Velazquez gallery in Tijuana, and she currently works at the 3D Film Production company, PassmoreLab, in San Diego.

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